Coaching FAQs

Why does coaching work?

The coaching process is effective because of the client/coach relationship. The synergy and support allow the client to grow. The coach challenges the client and asks questions about relevant topics, highlights strengths, and uncovers hidden barriers in a confidential environment. In my practice, we do this in a safe, trusting environment and lighten it up with the occasional bit of humor.

Who hires a coach?

Anyone can hire a coach although their motivations may be different. The majority of my clients include entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, consultants, business owners, human resource departments, managers, supervisors, and other professionals.

What can coaches do for you?

Here’s a great read from Harvard Business Review on this subject! Click here.

Why is coaching becoming so popular?

Coaching is increasing in demand because of the individual and organizational needs for establishing a unique brand, gaining a competitive advantage, creating collaborative workplaces, and achieving self-determination.

Can I accomplish my goals without a coach?

Possibly. It depends on your goals and your capacity for overcoming challenges while remaining focused and active on your objectives. Lots of people are successful without a coach. Conversely, almost everyone you ask will tell you that their lives or careers were enhanced by a mentor or supporter. Coaching is very similar. It’s like having someone in your corner who can help you see things clearly, support you while you face challenges, and keep you accountable for moving forward.

What are the skills of a coach?

Coaches utilize a wide variety of skills including listening, clarifying, prioritizing, providing feedback, educating, challenging, evoking, directing, guiding, supporting and demonstrating. If you read my About page, then you know I draw from my background as a leader in business and in the mental health industry to provide customized coaching services.

What goals do clients want to focus on?

Clients have goals for revenue/profitability, marketing and promotion, communication and thinking skills, personal development and growth, life balance, management and organizational skills, career advancement, financial independence, and problem-solving.

Why is coaching worthwhile?

Coaching helps you develop skill-sets and tap into personal strengths that accelerate achieving goals: faster results, rapid personal development, clearer and sharper thinking, more financial security, meaningful accomplishment, more life satisfaction, more creativity and solutions, and higher profits.

Where do coaching principles come from?

Coaching principles are integrated from various professional disciplines including business and management theories, psychology, sports, eastern philosophy, parenting and communication, inspiration, and science. Personally, I find that coaching works best when you include a little bit of gentle sarcasm and humor.

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