Tween Coaching

My ultimate goal in life is to teach tweens to be triumphant! That’s my personal BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal). Trauma, despair, and tension are unavoidable at any age. However, if we build resiliency, we prepare our youth to succeed no matter what. My heart and soul is with tweens (see my video below). 

I offer coaching with tweens to help them with coping skills, building confidence and self-esteem by gaining awareness into who they are and what makes them unique. Sessions can focus on specific skill building activities (i.e., communication, time management, etc.), career and college preparation, or stress management. I do not offer psychological counseling, however, for more serious concerns such as depression, substance use/abuse, or violence.

Have more questions? I am confident that I have answers! Contact me to schedule a confidential conversation.