Mind The Matters Master Series


Leading and Motivating Styles

Cultivate a personal leadership style that inspires others to want to follow you by using key triggers to motivate each style to reach new heights.

Styles and Managing Stress

Develop strategies and techniques to become aware of your stress level and that of those around you. Engineer your energy level to be fueled by activities and people that make you radiate.

Selling and Buying Styles

Learn the five key components of the selling process, your natural selling style and how to quickly identify the buying pattern of others.

Styles and Resolving Conflict

Assertiveness is a skill set that all styles need to learn in order to effectively communicate. Create the balance of communicating straight without being rude, aggressive or timid.

Styles and Peak Performance

Get in the zone and be in “€˜flow”€™ with understanding how you leverage your strengths and motivators and sustain focus and enhance results.

Maximum Team Impact

Identify the main objectives of teams and build groups by design of strengths and contributions for maximum impact.

Feedback and Management Styles

Produce clear and effective conversations with others. Discover the feedback formula to get your point across while preserving other people’s feelings and still maintaining engagement.

Customer Service Excellence

Generate relationships with prospects, peers and clients that build loyalty and ravings fans. Adjust your responses, interactions, methods and feedback to connect.

Styles and Managing Change

Devise a model on a personal and organizational level to manage change. Personally enhance the process to get buy-in and remove resistance using the AKDAR model.

Styles and Managing Time

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your style in effectively managing time. Build resources around you to increase your productivity and sense of fulfillment.