You could say that I am successful as a business coach because I’m smart or even because I’m educated. Chances are that my deep experience in counseling and business management give me special insight. All of these are valid factors, yet I find that the strongest foundation of my success is this:

Audiences Relate to Me

Audiences see themselves as they relate to my special blend of support and sarcasm. Whether it’s a keynote speech at a conference or a specialized training session for a corporate group, my goal is to be g
enuine and at least mildly entertaining as I deliver serious information that can transform businesses, improve careers, and enhance lives.

While I speak on a variety of coaching subjects, my most popular topics are based on two programs that I developed — MIND The Matters and Patterns of Persuasion. I’ve delivered these subjects as presentations and as extensive training sessions to corporations, colleges/universities, professional associations, conventions, and conferences throughout the United States.

Yes, I will travel to your locale (Hawaii, anyone?). I go all over the country partnering with corporations, professional associations, and educational institutions. My clients find that their organizational effectiveness is dramatically and positively impacted after my presentation. That’s because I teach their members and employees how to adapt to various personality styles, ways to enhance their connections with peers and prospects, and how to more confidently compel clients, colleagues and even jurors with persuasive conversations.

I am available for keynotes, break-out sessions, half- or full-day events/workshops, and of course one-on-one coaching.

Thank you for considering me for your speaking or training event. Please fill out the form below with information about your event, and I will contact you.

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  • One of the best coaches in this area. I got so much from her master series, “Mind the Matters!” I highly recommend her services.

    Financial Planner
  • Fabulous! What a great topic. Loved it and learned a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    Insurance Agency Owner
  • I really enjoyed the interaction. The games allowed us to let our guard down and get to know some more personal things about each other. That can only make us closer as a group. Robin does a great job too.

    Retail Store Manager
  • I always enjoy these types of team building exercises. I think we all play well together and have fun, but the more we begin to open up with each other, the more we will begin to build trust. A third-party facilitator helps because there is an objectivity that is undeniable with no motives or hidden agendas. All in all, I found it helpful!

    Vice President & Chief Development Officer
  • I always appreciate the opportunity to gain greater insight into human dynamics so I appreciate the chance to learn from Robin’s understanding. And, I appreciate the opportunity to see our team increase in its ability to serve effectively.

    Chief Operations Officer/Executive Vice President
  • I appreciate Robin working with us to help our focus on who we are as individuals and who we can be as part of a team. We all have our unique make-ups, thoughts, values, approaches, and so on, yet when it is necessary, we shed much of what makes us feel important in order to accomplish what is important to the group as a whole. Always an amazing thing to behold!

    Homeowner Services Director
  • I think it’s been productive (and interesting) getting a little insight into everyone’s differing styles and world view. I think it’s also encouraging additional respect for each other. Perspective is so important and I think being able to recognize differences and celebrate them makes for more effective collaboration vs. having a team who walks, talks and thinks the same.

    Vice President Communications