“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.” - Timothy Gallwey

Coaching Options

All of my coaching services are personalized. There are no canned programs or cookie-cutter approaches. Whether you are looking for support in your business, career, or life – your situation is unique.

Sure, many business owners want to increase revenues, many corporate executives want to capture market share, and many people need help after a major life change or loss. Just because you have the same challenge or problem as someone else, doesn’t mean that the solution that works for them will work for you.

Customized to Your Goals

My coaching is personalized because we each bring a specific history, skill-set, and collection of abilities that will dictate the ideal path to conquering challenges and surpassing goals. Everything I do is customized to a person’s goals. The topics are sort of mix and match since several may come together (for instance time management with leadership and balance).

Here is something my clients love: there is no long-term commitment. I am not looking to tie you into a multi-year agreement. I only ask for three months – that is a sufficient time frame to start seeing changes. Just like transforming your body at the gym takes time, so does transforming your business, your career, and your personal life.

I’ll be honest, the first three months can be tough. It can be hard to look inward honestly. Some clients resist a tad and then push through to the third month, see results, and many continue (their choice month-to-month) for six to nine months on average. If you stick with it, you will be glad you did.

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