Life Coaching

When you continually respond to “How are you?” with “I’m crazy busy,” or “There’s never enough time in the day,” you know it’s time to make yourself a priority.

  • Embrace your essence
  • Disengage from drama
  • Eliminate your inner critic
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Transform stress to grace

An insightful coach works with you to achieve these shifts, helping you reap the benefits of a keen understanding of human motivation and change. You’ll have your own motivator, a strategist, and an accountability partner to bring these changes to life.

Formal coaching process designed for individuals to assess their strengths and areas of need to achieve their goals by aligning their values, sustaining motivation, and removing obstacles. Individual focus areas include personal growth, time management, problem-solving, communication, life balance, and career transitions.

  • Consistency and accountability
  • Taking more effective focused actions
  • Becoming more balanced and fulfilled
  • Self-awareness of visions and goals
  • Stress reduction
  • Discover passions, strength, and purpose
  • Leadership and motivation strengths

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Life Coaching Testimonials

  • Robin, I know what my life’s purpose is. You have no idea how profound that is. When you know why you’re here, everything else becomes very clear — direction, focus, where you put your energy — all of it. That’s the part of the magic of working with Robin — she can help you see that and embrace it. She is amazing to work with.

  • The Career Exploration Webinar Course has been eye-opening for my children. My daughter went from having NO idea what to do, to having a clear idea, excitement about it all, and a clear action plan. ‘In 8 weeks, you’ll know without a doubt what you want to be when you grow up and have a game plan to get you there’ – this was totally fulfilled. My two sons are currently in the course, and it is by far, the thing they look forward to the most, as it focuses totally on the core of who they are.tent area

  • You are a very special person and have made a very positive difference in my life personally and professionally. You helped me to help myself in many ways throughout the last few years I have known you and I wanted to take the time to share that with you. If you have ever wondered if what you do makes a difference, then YES it does. If you have ever wondered if anyone is paying attention to the great example you are, then YES they do. If you ever wondered if you were respected, loved, and cherished and counted as a great blessing, then YES you are.

  • Robin is a powerful asset to my business and my personal life. She brought new clarity and focus to my company’s direction and my personal goals. For my business, Robin helped create a concise plan and timeline that has taken my company to the next level. And, she has inspired in my new focus on living the life of my dreams. If you want to your life to be amazing, I recommend consulting with Robin Lavitch as your first step.

  • Robin, thank you for helping me with my accomplishments. I truly appreciate what you have done for me. In addition, to helping me as a person, you have helped my business and personal relationships too. Because of you, I have been able to help others.


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