After being in business as a coach for several years, I was at a networking meeting and had to describe my services. In that conversation, I realized my key areas of coaching: Business, Executive, Life, and Tweens … could be transformed into an acronym: B.E.L.T.


It works and it’s fun … sometimes when things are falling, you need a BELT to keep them up. I realize that saying “I’m the coach who keeps your pants from falling” can create some confusing mental images, so I’m still working on the tagline.

My Services Include:

In the “services” section of my website, you have access to Assessments. There are low-cost, but high-power DIY (Do It Yourself) evaluations that you can complete in private and on your own time. They are a great way to gauge your strength and identify gaps in specific areas of business or skill-sets.

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to talk about coaching or perhaps explore a speaking/training event, contact me and we’ll schedule a confidential conversation to discuss how I can help you surpass your goals.

For an overview of our coaching services, download our welcome packet.