Business coaching

I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are. When we set out to put a marketing plan in place for AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service, I had no idea where to start. Looking back, I realize the talent you had for helping me through this process. When I ‘got stuck’ and was dreading an area, you simply redirected me to another area that you knew I was ready to handle. You showed an art for explaining things in more than one way so that if the first explanation didn’t sink in, you came at it a different way.


Hiring Robin Lavitch as a business coach was one of the most strategic business decisions our company has ever made. Since working with Robin, we are much more focused and organized when it comes to workflow, time management, and day-to-day tasks. She taught us the importance of defining our specific target market, which was previously much too broad. As a result of these things and more, we have seen an increase in referrals and profit. I highly recommend Robin to any small business needing help with time management, target market focus, or referral marketing.


For the past year she has helped me to understand where I was in business, which then lead me to developing a plan on where I wanted to go. She is able to give perspectives which broaden your choices and challenge your knowledge. I have grown professionally and personally! My gross revenue in the 1st quarter of this year compared to last year is up 95%! You must first know your attitude in order to increase your altitude.


As a litigation attorney with a family and a staff of 10, my time is extremely precious and limited. Robin exceeded my expectations in every way. I like to get to the point of a matter as soon as possible. Robin was keenly aware of my personality type and modeled a plan of action tailored just for me. Robin also helped me understand my own personality traits that dictate my management style so as to bring about the full potential of my employees. I would recommend Robin highly to anyone looking to improve their personal and/or professional life.


After working with Robin Lavitch on business planning and time management, I improved my focus and confidence. I learned to delegate tasks and create a production plan. Within two months of coaching, I increased my sales by $20,000! You have inspired me and brought me to a path creating focus along with a new level of enthusiasm, determination and confidence.


I LOVE THIS! I haven’t found anything this fascinating in a LONG, LONG time. I am learning something I can use for the rest of my life. I can’t believe that I am actually interested in something. I am so confident that with your help I am going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Within a couple of months I increased my sales by $35,000! Love ya, Robin!


Executive coaching

Thanks Robin for working with our team. Robin has been coaching our organization and we have outlined and conquered many goals so far. One of which is meeting and exceeding annual sales goals, providing employees with profit sharing and bonuses. Robin came to our office to help with a team building exercise of personality profiling and has made a significant difference here.


We meet once a week to specifically teach me how to relate to my clients, the courts and my employees. Being able to recognize a potential client’s personality type makes it so much easier to convey the information they need in a format that they will understand the best. It has also made my office a more cohesive environment. I have even taken the training one step further by tailoring my trials around the expectations of the judge, the comfort level of the witnesses, and the expectations of clients. This is literally one of those secret tools that will absolutely increase your business and efficiency.


Having Robin become my business coach was one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. Not only did she help me develop strategies to implement new ideas, goals, and a training program for our employees, but she also provided me with valuable tools that have assisted me in communicating with our employees, other business associates, but most importantly my personal life! I am forever grateful that I was introduced to Robin and that I was able to work with her.


Life coaching

The Career Exploration Webinar Course has been eye-opening for my children. My daughter went from having NO idea what to do, to having a clear idea, excitement about it all, and a clear action plan. ‘In 8 weeks, you’ll know without a doubt what you want to be when you grow up and have a game plan to get you there’ – this was totally fulfilled. My two sons are currently in the course, and it is by far, the thing they look forward to the most, as it focuses totally on the core of who they are.


You are a very special person and have made a very positive difference in my life personally and professionally. You helped me to help myself in many ways throughout the last few years I have known you and I wanted to take the time to share that with you. If you have ever wondered if what you do makes a difference, then YES it does. If you have ever wondered if anyone is paying attention to the great example you are, then YES they do. If you ever wondered if you were respected, loved, and cherished and counted as a great blessing, then YES you are.


Robin is a powerful asset to my business and my personal life. She brought new clarity and focus to my company’s direction and my personal goals. For my business, Robin helped create a concise plan and timeline that has taken my company to the next level. And, she has inspired in my new focus on living the life of my dreams. If you want to your life to be amazing, I recommend consulting with Robin Lavitch as your first step.


Robin, thank you for helping me with my accomplishments. I truly appreciate what you have done for me. In addition, to helping me as a person, you have helped my business and personal relationships too. Because of you, I have been able to help others.


Robin, I know what my life’s purpose is. You have no idea how profound that is. When you know why you’re here, everything else becomes very clear — direction, focus, where you put your energy — all of it. That’s the part of the magic of working with Robin — she can help you see that and embrace it. She is amazing to work with.