Change Management Assessment


The only constant in today’€s business environment is … change.

How you handle change determines whether you become a victim or a victor!

When you hone your “change agent”€ skills, you are seen as a visionary leader that others are compelled to follow. You become an adaptive, charismatic sales professional that buyers prefer to choose. You can rise to the top of any chosen profession, earning the respect of clients and colleagues alike.

The nature of change has many forms. Sometimes change is highly personal, related to a significant shift in circumstances and perspective about people or your environment. At other times, change is initiated by an organization. Change may be small-scale, affecting individuals or pieces of the organization, or it may roll in like a tsunami, impacting the entire organization.

Change that is evolutionary and incremental is called ORGANIC change. Change that is dramatic and transformational is called STEP-CHANGE. Whatever form it takes, change needs to be managed. This assessment will help you through the process of managing change in any form.

The Change Management Effectiveness Profile will help you master seven skills:

  • Proactive Thinking
  • Organization for Change
  • Involving Others
  • Visualizing the Future
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Breaking from the Past
  • Consolidating New Learning

Right this moment you are contemplating a purchasing decision. You are wondering if parting with a few dollars is too risky without a certain outcome guaranteed to you in writing. If you are still wavering, then you have just answered your own question about needing help managing change.