Work Engagement Profile


Renowned business management researchers Kenneth W. Thomas and Walter G. Tymon, Jr., developed the Work Engagement Profile as a method of measuring how much energy and thought an employee invests in his or her work. The Work Engagement Profile focuses on the premise that extrinsic, psychological rewards – feeling that your job is important to your employer and that you do it well – develops a sense of empowerment in employees that can lead to higher productivity and increased sales, as well as improved retention rate of valued employees.

The Work Engagement Profile assesses four key areas:

  • Meaningfulness: Can I see how my work affects the corporation or organization as a whole? Does my work make a difference and is it worth my effort?
  • Choice: What activities can I select to accomplish my established goals and complete my work efficiently and productively?
  • Competence: Am I doing my job as well as I can? Do I have “€œwhat it takes”€ to be successful in this position?
  • Progress: Can I see the results of my efforts? Have I chosen activities that will lead to the intended conclusion in a timely and efficient manner?

Results of this assessment will help employees understand their personal motivations and how they really feel about the work that they do, and outline action steps for self-management that will increase their engagement and job performance. A sense of empowerment will encourage them to want to do better for themselves, which ultimately benefits their employer.