8 Strategies to Shift Your Perspective to Change

Change Management

Have you ever been in a position where shifting your perspective would help you manage change?  You may have felt annoyed, frustrated, scared, or even trapped—the change was going to happen whether you liked it or not.

This may have caused you to feel stressed for days, weeks, or even months. But what if you shifted your mindset and began to see this as an opportunity? What if you could reach out and embrace change with open arms?

Read on for some mind-expanding strategies to see opportunities:

  1. Accept the idea. When you get comfortable with the idea that change will happen, it will help you manage your stress.  John F. Kennedy once said, “The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” The change will, in essence, always be occurring. Recognizing this fact will make life easier for you.
  2. See the implication of progress. Whether you’re ready to admit it or not, when something changes, it’s progressing toward something. As you probably realize, living life on a day-to-day basis often involves making progress on some level.
  3. Recognize the unknowns in your life. The aspect of change that probably shakes you up the most is that it introduces unknown factors. It can be a bit overwhelming not to know what could be coming your way. Still, the unknown aspect must be acknowledged.
  4. Be ready to experience the “newness.” If you can shift your thinking from a focus on the unknown to recognize the“newness”—new things, people, places, and ideas—with at least some of it bringing excitement and interest, you’ll feel a whole lot better about it.
  5. Believe in transformation. You could be exposed to better products, knowledge, and skills. Many changes also have great aspects that open up your life in ways you hadn’t imagined before. Your experience at work or home—wherever the change occurs—can transform your life for the better.
  6. Notice that a wider array of choices. Along with change often come more options. A whole new world opens up, in a sense. You’re in a position to take advantage of new choices.
  7. See “the spice of life.” There’s an old saying based on something the poet, William Cowper, wrote that states, “Variety is the spice of life.” If you can apply that attitude, your whole approach will be different.
  8. Tell yourself that you can adjust. The fact is that you’ve probably experienced hundreds of changes so far over your lifetime. And you’ve adjusted to them. You’ve worked things out. You’ll be able to adapt more in the future.

If you change your perspective, you’ll feel more comfortable.  Accepting change, viewing change as progress, recognizing there will be unknowns, and embracing the newness of change will help you get ready for change.

If you can see change as transformative, notice that it creates more choices for you, view it as “the spice of life,” and remind yourself that you can adjust to anything that happens, you’ll approach change more positively. Now you can go forward into the next change with an open mind!

About the author

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, is the founder of Surpass Your Goals, a coaching practice for entrepreneurs, executives, tweens, school administrators, and more. Her capacity to connect with audiences, elicit thought-provoking ideas and clarify personal ambitions prepares people to apply that knowledge instantaneously to accelerate their own results in leadership, sales, and time management.

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