Management Effectiveness Assessment


Effective managers continually hone their skills in many diverse areas. It stands to reason that an effective manager or supervisor must be skilled in a number of critical competencies if the manager is to help the organization achieve its goals. The Management Effectiveness Profile can help a manager identify personal strengths and weaknesses within 12 specific competency areas. A manager’s effectiveness is tied to the following competencies:

Managing Your Job

  • Managing and Prioritizing Time
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Planning and Scheduling Work

Relating to Others

  • Listening and Organizing
  • Giving Clear Information
  • Getting Unbiased Information

Developing the Team

  • Training, Coaching, and Delegating
  • Appraising People and Performance
  • Counseling and Disciplining

Thinking Clearly

  • Identifying and Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
  • Thinking Clearly and Analytically