mindset shifts
In our rapidly evolving world, the ability to adapt your mindset can be your most valuable asset. Whether you’re tackling a new project, managing a team, or seeking to improve your relationships, a shift in mindset can unlock doors to growth and success. A mindset shift refers to a fundamental change in our beliefs, attitudes,...
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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a situation, unable to see a way out? It’s a common human experience, but there’s good news – the ability to change your mindset can be your way out. Think of your mindset as the lens through which you see the world. It’s comparable to the lens on...
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Let’s clarify the meaning of passive-aggressive, this is often misunderstood. Imagine a continuum, one side is passive, and the other side is aggressive, right in the middle is assertive.  Now consider for a moment, what’s the difference between passive and assertive and aggressive and assertive?  Here’s an easy definition to understand the distinctions.  Within these communication...
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