Personal Growth
mindset shifts
In our rapidly evolving world, the ability to adapt your mindset can be your most valuable asset. Whether you’re tackling a new project, managing a team, or seeking to improve your relationships, a shift in mindset can unlock doors to growth and success. A mindset shift refers to a fundamental change in our beliefs, attitudes,...
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Friendships Social Support
Friendships are a significant part of our lives through managing stress and adding meaning.  Our friends are the first ones we run to when we have good news or need a shoulder to cry on. At the same time, they’re also some of the people we take for granted. In this hi-tech day and age,...
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Inspire others
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kindness is contagious?” Most sayings like this come to become widely known because they’re based on truth. Research has found scientific evidence for the fact that kindness can spread in various ways. You’ve indeed experienced or witnessed instances in which someone has paid it forward, or a movement has...
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Impact and Contribution
We’ve talked a great deal about the ways that small acts of kindness can have powerful results. They can truly change someone’s outlook and brighten their day. Today, I’d like to move on to discuss ways to give back and share with others that involve more effort. If you have the time, money, or other...
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Being Kind
There are so many ways your voice can be used to reach out and be kind to others. We’ve discussed doing so in significant ways and with the simplest of acts. Today, I’d like to explore some of the ways you can use your voice to make a difference in the lives of those around...
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personal growth improvement
We all have personal growth areas where we want to improve; health, work, family, you name it. But reality sets in along with a busy schedule that doesn’t leave any space for quiet time, let alone individual development. We also rarely have the willpower we need to see it through. Or maybe we just don’t...
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