10 Ways To Feel Joy Right Now

Tips for Joy

As a child, we don’t have to focus on joy.  As we get older, however, joy might be fleeting and elusive.  We need to be reminded that we can choose our happiness, our mood, and our mindset. How do you call upon joy on demand?

Joy and happiness are an intentional choice. There are so many things you can do to add moments of joy to your day and your life. From attitude changes to daily practices.

Here are 10 ways to feel joy right now!

  1. Remix Your Playlist: Blast your favorite beats. Whether they are old favorites, or you are browsing, tunes are mood lifters.
  2. Write Down Positive Affirmations:  Writing down positive affirmations can help you to be more optimistic and positive throughout your day? Try this daily routine each morning and see how your mood improves.
  3. Get outside:  Fresh air can change your mindset, perspective, and mood. Take a hike or a 10-minute walk.
  4.  Dress For Joy:  Instead of dress for success, dress for joy. Pick out an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and see how quickly your day can improve.
  5. Whole Foods For The Win:  Grab a whole fruit smoothie, fresh produce, or some fresh salad, fresh cut meats, or other nutritious whole foods. See how great you feel when clean eating is part of your day.
  6. Random Adventures:  If your day allows, every now and then take a random adventure. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or complicated, just something that you don’t normally do. The change of scenery is a great way to lift your mood and experience joy.
  7. Get Organized:  Clean your desk. Check off some items from your to-do list. It does not have to be massive spring cleaning. Clearing physical space can help you feel more mentally organized and productive. A great way for some on-demand joy is accomplishing some of these tasks.
  8. Walk Like A Boss! Carry yourself with confidence. Move energetically with a purpose. Your movement will lift your mood.
  9. Plant A Garden:  For some, planting flowers or veggies is a great holistic mood lifter. Also, this can be considered self-care which greatly contributes to joy.
  10. Focus On Someone Else:  This can be as simple as helping out a friend whether it be by giving them a hand with a task or simply being a listening ear to someone who needs it. This could also be volunteering to do some good in the world. However, it goes, focusing on a task outside of yourself is good for the soul.

You are the captain of the ship when it comes to joy in your life. Don’t wait for happiness, peace, fulfillment, or any other feeling or emotion to come from outside of yourself. Create joy. Any outside positivity is great but know that you are the source. Try out some of these tips right now.

About the author

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, is the founder of Surpass Your Goals, a coaching practice for entrepreneurs, executives, tweens, school administrators, and more. Her capacity to connect with audiences, elicit thought-provoking ideas and clarify personal ambitions prepares people to apply that knowledge instantaneously to accelerate their own results in leadership, sales, and time management.

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